We are here to glorify God through holy lives that are submitted to obeying the principles of the Word of God. This is accomplished through regular study of the Bible, a belief that it is all sufficient for our faith and daily living, and that it alone is absolute truth. It is the church's role to assist the parents in a family relationship to undertake the responsibility of the education of the children.

We maintain a fundamentalist position to the historical doctrines of-the faith. Salvation is a gift from God to be received by faith alone. That only Christ (God the Son) through His death, burial and resurrection can give us eternal life. That His finished work on the cross is satisfaction to God as payment for our sins. We believe the Word is to be used for the proclamation of the gospel to all people both at home and abroad. That it is the responsibility of every believer to be a witness of God's grace both in word and deed.